20 Reasons To Make Portugal Your First Holiday After Lockdown

The UK Telegraph has published “20 reasons why Portugal should be your first holiday after lockdown is lifted” just as the British travel industry is putting renewed pressure on the country’s government to scrap the 14-day quarantine strategy due to start next Monday for anyone flying into the country.

If successful, it will mean Brits are indeed free to take holidays abroad this summer – and, according to the Telegraph, Portugal ticks all the boxes.

Travel writer Mary Lussiana explains that “in the new dawn of travel, when the starting gun has sounded and we are all longing for a taste of the unknown, exotic or merely different, Portugal is that rare thing of being near but with beaches that rival the Caribbean, of being foreign but familiar. Best of all they love us…”

“Emerging impressively unscathed from Covid-19” the country is ready, she says, and there are hints of a possible air bridge even if the quarantine plan does go forwards.

Mary Lussiana then goes on to give her 20 reasons for visiting Portugal. They include: ‘Pastéis de Nata’, the beaches, the wine, the food, the ‘feel-good’ light, the surfing and all the delicious cheese – with quite a bit more in-between (click here).

It’s just a matter now of watching the news to see if British nationals will finally be ‘free to fly’ and return home without the burden of a 14-day quarantine imposed on them.

In a separate article this morning, the Telegraph stresses that the UK ‘strategy’ – coming so late in the day after so many thousands of people have been flying into the country for weeks unmonitored – is “at odds with the rest of Europe” and will impact heavily on the 1.5 million British jobs that are supported by aviation.

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