Clean & Safe Certification

Portugal Cultural Experience obtained the Clean & Safe certification from the public agency that regulates tourism in Portugal. This certification distinguishes us in our tourist and commercial activities, ensuring compliance with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of Covid-19 and other possible infections.

Our commitment to service quality and the safety and well-being of our customers and employees is a priority. Therefore, we have adopted safety procedures, recommended by DGS (Portuguese Directorate-General for Health) and WHO (World Health Organization). We also have the consultation of a medical health professional who validates all of our procedures.

In general, we guarantee in all our experiences that:

  1. The guides make a previous individual self-diagnosis, with body temperature measurement, ensuring that they are fit for the service and have no symptoms associated with Covid-19;
  2. An individual protection mask will be distributed to each of the customers before starting the visits;
  3. The guides will present themselves with individual protection masks. They may also be equipped with additional visors, gloves or other recommended personal protective equipment;
  4. Periodically and whenever requested during the visit, the guides will provide disinfectant for the cleaning of the clients' hands;
  5. The recommended personal distances will be respected;
  6. Visits to covered spaces and/or crowded areas will be avoided;
  7. Whenever it is necessary to use transfer and/or passenger transport, the maximum capacity per vehicle will be 2 people (except the driver) who must always travel in the rear seats;
  8. All transport vehicles will be disinfected and ventilated for 30 minutes, before transporting a new customer;
  9. All partner entities that collaborate in our visits, will be required a similar procedure to protect customers and employees;
  10. The general procedures may be adapted to the type of experience contracted in order to improve their effectiveness and protection.

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