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Portugal has unique and authentic attractions, very concentrated in the territory and easily accessible. It has islands with a unique cultural and natural identity such as the archipelago of the Azores and Madeira. The mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers are the delight of nature and wildlife lovers.

The cities are modern and vibrant, with an immense cultural offer and where old palaces and houses with centuries of history are combined with modern architectural styles, many of them awarded internationally.

We have unique prehistoric heritage in the world, from paleolithic art, sumptuous Neolithic megalithic monuments, ancient and mysterious Celtic villages or entire cities left by the ancient Roman empire. The legacy of Gothic invasions and Islamic rule left cultural marks in Portugal, very evident in all material and intangible heritage.

The era of the Crusades and the subsequent Portuguese expansion in maritime discoveries made Portugal the pioneers of globalization.

Portugal was founded on the influence of religious and military orders, where the Order of the Knights Templar stands out and its direct successor, the Order of Christ. Secret societies, mysteries associated with mysterious symbols and structures, riddles and ancestral traditions are very present in Portuguese culture, where pagan and different religions mix in perfect harmony in a very particular form of Catholicism.

The influence of Jewish culture continues to be present throughout the Portuguese spirit, regardless of having lived almost 4 centuries under the tyranny of the Inquisition.

Many of the great European battles of the 19th century took place on Portuguese territory with the first defeats suffered by Napoleon’s French army against the oldest military alliance between Portugal and England. Portugal fought alongside the winning nations in the first world war and was one of the founders of NATO.

Today Portugal is a full member of the European Union, has a Portuguese president at the United Nations, is a world reference in the defense of human rights, tolerance, integration of emigrants and refugees and is highlighted in the rankings of democratic quality, human development and quality of life.

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