Évora The Roman Legacy Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Évora Roman Legacy Tour

​The same way “Rome wasn’t built in a day” neither was Évora. With more than 2000 years of existence, and about 500 years of roman rule, the roman Ebora represents one of the most interesting places to understand the importance of the roman cultural legacy in Portugal. Known worldwide for the roman temple, traces of […]

Évora Catholic History Tour

Évora Catholic History Tour

The traces of Catholic influence are quite strong in Évora, a city that was a second capital to the Portuguese kingdom in the 15th and 16th centuries, a time when the line separating religion and power was particularly blurry. Visit some of the most remarkable churches in town, debate with your guide the meaning and […]

Sweet And Tasting Évora Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Sweet And Tasting Evora Tour

​Venture out on a unique and delicious trip to the typical flavors of Évora, while visiting the main sights of this beautiful city heritage of mankind, capital of Alentejo. Surprise yourself with a private guided tour where you will discover the treasures of the convent sweets of Évora. Centenarian secrets originating from various convents that […]

Évora Route Of Bacchus Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Route Of Bacchus Tour

​Venture out on a fantastic journey to a traditional and genuine Alentejo farm, 20 minutes from Évora and surrender to some of the greatest treasures of Alentejo: wine, cork, hospitality and passion of the people for their land. In an experience that we intend to be unique and that exceeds your expectations, we offer a […]

Monsaraz, The Treasure Of The Alentejo Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Monsaraz, The Treasure Of The Alentejo Tour

​Absolutely a must to visit this historic medieval village which is one of the most typical and beautiful places of Portugal and surely the most beautiful view of the interior of the Alentejo. Conquered in 1167 by the Christian knight Giraldo, The Fearless, the same conqueror of Évora, was later territory of the mythical Templar […]

Évora Cork & Castle Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Cork & Castle Tour

​Cork is a plant material of Cork Oak (Quercus suber). Lightweight, resistant and with great insulating power, it is an increasingly used raw material in the world with several applications. Portugal is currently responsible for the world production of 50% of cork and Alentejo is the region of excellence of the production and use of […]

Voyage To Évora Prehistory Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Voyage To Evora Prehistory Tour

​The territory where stands the beautiful city of Évora was always occupied since ancient times by people who always felt attracted to this location. Visit the main vestiges of prehistory in Évora region, admiring cave paintings with 37000 years in caves occupied since the Paleolithic, going through the magnificence of Megalithic structures with 7000 years […]

Évora Silver Water Hike

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Silver Water Hike

​Venture into the discovery of the natural heritage of Évora, through a fascinating hike along the Renaissance water aqueduct of “Água de Prata”. We will pick you up at your hotel and will take you on a walking tour back to Évora, always accompanied by your private guide, who will show you the fascinating history […]

Me, Évora & Wine Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Me, Evora & Wine Tour

​Visit the most emblematic places of this historical city on a private tour that we want to do according to your wishes. You will have the opportunity to tell the guide your tastes and expectations and the guide will do everything to surprise you, whether it’s a tour focused on the art history, civil or […]

Évora Jewish History Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Jewish History Tour

​The Jewish people had a great influence and made an important contribution in the Portuguese culture, present in this territory from times well before the formation of the kingdom of Portugal, in 1139. The Jews were in the most brilliant moments of the history of Portugal and were the main victims of the religious intolerance […]