Évora Snack

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora - Evora Snack

In Alentejo you eat and drink very well. Eating, drinking and snacking are rituals, ways of living, receiving, celebrating. It is often said that in the home of a true alentejano, whether wealthy or not, the table is always set. And this reality gives a very special flavor to the discovery of gastronomy and wines. […]

Évora Tour – Sacred and Mysterious Cave

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora - Escoural Cave

Unforgettable experience for lovers of geology and prehistoric art. We invite you to visit a prehistoric cave located 25 minutes from Évora. With human occupations since the Middle Paleolithic when it was used as a shelter for Neanderthals about 50,000 years ago. This sacred place has been used continuously until our era. It has one […]

Elvas Tour – A Military History

Portugal Cultural Experience - Elvas Tour - A Military History

The historic city of Elvas was distinguished by UNESCO in 2012 as a World Cultural Heritage Site. This distinction was due to the fact that this fortress city, on the border between Portugal and Spain, has the largest defensive structures of the bastioned type, in the world, with its characteristic star-shaped walls. The city’s fortifications, […]

Évora Mediterranean Diet Experience

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Mediterranean Diet Experience

​We propose you the opportunity to experience a genuine and authentic cultural product. Feel already invited to a meal in a Alentejan family house, where you will have the opportunity to socialize and take part in socio-cultural moment that characterizes the Mediterranean diet and the Alentejan cuisine in particular. You will enjoy a traditional gastronomic […]

Évora Food Of The Gods Experience

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Food Of The Gods Experience

​One of the great treasures of Évora is the richness, uniqueness and authenticity of its gastronomy and its wines. The Cartuxa wines are the most famous wines of Évora. Appreciated worldwide, they are the highest exponent of a wine tradition in the Alentejo that lasted at least 3000 years. Do not miss this experience prepared […]

Sweet And Tasting Évora Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Sweet And Tasting Evora Tour

​Venture out on a unique and delicious trip to the typical flavors of Évora, while visiting the main sights of this beautiful city heritage of mankind, capital of Alentejo. Surprise yourself with a private guided tour where you will discover the treasures of the convent sweets of Évora. Centenarian secrets originating from various convents that […]

Alentejo Wine & Gourmet Experience Tour

Portugal Cultural Eperience - Alentejo Wine & Gourmet Experience

​The Alentejo has vast and unknown treasures. Alentejo wine and gastronomy are among the most authentic symbols that win more and more admirers worldwide. The Alentejo has become one of the world’s leading destinations for wine lovers of quality and unique cuisine. What we propose is a unique and exclusive adventure of knowledge of this […]

Évora Route Of Bacchus Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Route Of Bacchus Tour

​Venture out on a fantastic journey to a traditional and genuine Alentejo farm, 20 minutes from Évora and surrender to some of the greatest treasures of Alentejo: wine, cork, hospitality and passion of the people for their land. In an experience that we intend to be unique and that exceeds your expectations, we offer a […]

Monsaraz, The Treasure Of The Alentejo Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Monsaraz, The Treasure Of The Alentejo Tour

​Absolutely a must to visit this historic medieval village which is one of the most typical and beautiful places of Portugal and surely the most beautiful view of the interior of the Alentejo. Conquered in 1167 by the Christian knight Giraldo, The Fearless, the same conqueror of Évora, was later territory of the mythical Templar […]

Évora Cork & Castle Tour

Portugal Cultural Experience - Evora Cork & Castle Tour

​Cork is a plant material of Cork Oak (Quercus suber). Lightweight, resistant and with great insulating power, it is an increasingly used raw material in the world with several applications. Portugal is currently responsible for the world production of 50% of cork and Alentejo is the region of excellence of the production and use of […]