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​Discover some of the lesser-known, and not less valuable, heritage of this amazing and charming city, on a private guided tour that will contribute surprisingly to expand your cultural horizons and to introduce you more deeply into the history of Évora, Portugal and the World.

Get to know the typical Alentejo handicrafts, such as ceramics and objects in cork, as well as the old “Chocalho”, distinguished by UNESCO in 2015 as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Discover the mysteries and hidden messages of the enigmatic “Painted Houses” and visit the luxurious “São Miguel” Palace, home to old orders of cavalry, former alcáçova of the military governor of Évora and place of residence of old kings and high nobility.

Finally, we propose a guided visit to the University of Évora, a former college of Jesuits, founded in the 16th century, with the mission of evangelizing and expanding Western culture to the former Portuguese Empire, which was present in territories as far afield as Brazil, Africa, India and Japan. Meet mysterious esoteric symbols present in the second oldest university in Portugal, enjoy 3 centuries of Portuguese tiles and imagine yourself a Jesuit student indoctrinated and about to embark to the new world!

Ideal visit for those who experienced a “Best of” or “Me, Évora & Wine” tours and want to deepen their knowledge about Évora and visit other monuments.

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Experienced Guides

All of our guides are carefully selected. They are polite, fun and above all know all aspects of each region like no one else, adjusting and personalizing visits to your interests and giving you excellent tips and suggestions, because they are all local guides.

None of them will give you information based on Wikipedia or tourist brochures. All visits are made based on a search for detailed, rigorous information, thematic books, municipal archives and academic articles. We also add doses of imagination and personal opinions to each visit and we always look for good mood and whenever possible we promote the interaction of the visitor with the patrimonial heritage, with their opinions and knowledge, in the interpretation and the stories told.

All the training of our guides results from a vast knowledge of history, patrimony and universal and local culture as well as training in technical aspects of conducting visits of heritage interpretation in a tourist context. All have higher education in areas as diverse as history, archaeology, biology, cultural tourism, heritage, literature, wine tourism, geology and education.

The languages ​​spoken are Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

All experiences and guides are coordinated by a master in the development of cultural tourism products, with published thesis and academic articles on safeguarding intangible heritage.


Flexible Cancellation

Our cancellation policy is flexible and adjusted to each client and each contracted experience. Generally, for cancellations up to 24 hours before the event, we will refund the entire payment except for services that include accommodation or for services and experiences for private, cooperative or business groups, which have their own cancellation policy.


Suitable For Large Groups

We also make private visits to groups, whether family, friends, tourist companies, organized by hotels, schools, etc. Prices per group are on request and are adapted to the type of experiences or visits intended, with or without inclusion of entrance tickets to the monuments or integrating lunch, dinner or wine tasting before or after the experiences.

We can do photo or video reports, with or without editing work. We do inclusive tours for people with reduced mobility or meal menus for people with dietary restrictions.

We can add on our visits 2 guides (ideal for very large groups or who want guided tours in 2 different languages). We can adapt guided tours to study visits for children or young people of school age, with themes subordinate to the type of education or to a specific subject or discipline.

We organize fun treasure hunts in the historic centers of the cities, historical recreations with theater actors, period costumes, traditional games, workshops or musical entertainment with traditional groups from Cante Alentejano or Fado (UNESCO Heritage) or musical moments of Portuguese pop music.


Guide Tips

All of our guides are fully knowledgeable to give you the most appropriate tips on aspects or services you want to ensure maximum comfort, safety and make your stay as pleasant as possible. Whether you want a massage or spa service, booking and advice on local restaurants, typical local shops, bars for night out, fado houses, yoga or Reiki classes, medical support or local legal advice, ... you can always count on with us. Even after finishing your visit with us, and during your stay in Portugal, you can always ask for our help and advice in any aspect or situation you need. We will do everything to help you the best we can as true friends.

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