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Santarém – April 25th, Ongoing Revolution

Event Details

We suggest a cultural entertainment program for a full day spent in the Santarém region. All of our suggestions are fully customizable to always meet the needs and expectations of our customers:

  • Transport from Organization Headquarters – City of Santarém – Organization Headquarters;
  • Welcome Coffee;
  • Peddy-paper “April 25th, Ongoing Revolution”:

This peddy-paper, played in the Historic Center of Santarém, was fully developed by our team. There is a competition component among the participants, who will be challenged to solve a set of challenges and puzzles. The story-line is related to the eve of the 1974 Portuguese revolution, when the great powers of the cold war, USA and the USSR, through the CIA and the KGB, attempt to sabotage the success of the revolution. The famous captain of April, Salgueiro Maia, left the Practical Cavalry School of Santarém, at dawn on April 25th, to start the “Cravos Revolution” in command of a column of armored cars. This game allows the participants to get to know the main monuments of the city of Santarém in a fun and dynamic way, in which the collaboration and help between the elements of the group will contribute to the success of the “mission”. The dynamics of sending clues and responding to them is done in an interactive way using the WhatsApp mobile application. The game has a strong interactive component with the local population and includes tasting of typical products from the Santarém region, with the inclusion of regional sausages and cheeses, typical sweets, liquors, etc.

  • Typical lunch at a winery in the Santarém region. Includes wine tasting at the same time as lunch:

During the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to visit the farm, the vineyards and winery, as well as meet the famous Lusitanian Horses and watch a demonstration of the art of falconry that has been recognized as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. During the afternoon they will also have the opportunity to learn and dance to typical Fandango Ribatejo music, with the musical entertainment of a local folk group.

  • Typical dinner in a family home, located in a village of fascinating avian culture, with tasty gastronomic dishes based on fish from the Tagus river caught by the family itself.

Optional activities:

  • Meeting room, equipped with audiovisual media, for presentations or internal company work;
  • Boat trip on the Tagus river with a visit to avian fishing communities;
  • Bullfighting or horseback riding experience;
  • Others.

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Experienced Professionals

All events are directly and personally monitored in the preparation and execution of activities by two top professionals from our company (a former project manager for a multinational company and a specialist in the development of cultural products).

We have several years of experience in organizing business events. We have worked on organizing national and international events for some of the most reputable and prestigious national and multinational companies in the various economic areas. We have also organized cultural entertainment events for family events or groups of friends, such as wedding celebrations, baptisms, birthdays, etc. We are attentive to all the small details, always with the maximum responsibility and mission to make your event exceed your best expectations. We are proactive, adaptable and know how to better manage all unforeseen situations or situations that arise during the activity.


Flexible Cancellation

The booking confirmation is made by paying 50% of the agreed value within 5 days after the service is awarded. The remaining 50% must be paid up to 15 days before the date of the event. We advise booking in time to guarantee our availability.

In case of cancellation more than 15 days before the date of the cancellation, we will return the difference between the total amount paid and the reservation confirmation amount. If the cancellation occurs within 15 days before the date of the event, no amount will be refunded.

Portugal Cultural Experience is not responsible for any incident that may impact the event and that does not fall within the scope of the services provided by our company, for example: weather conditions.


Suitable For Large Groups

We adapt our activities to all types of groups, depending on the number of participants (we have already held events for 150 people), ages, nationality, participants with reduced mobility or dietary restrictions, motivations and personal tastes, etc.


Advice And Communication

From the first contact with our customer, our response is immediate, quick, clear and proactive. Communication is done according to the customer's needs and preferences. We can schedule meetings using digital communication platforms, whatsapp groups, email or telephone communication.

The answer to any doubt, clarification or suggestion is always given quickly, with response times in real time or very short periods of time. We always intend to communicate efficiently and effectively, in order to achieve maximum objectivity and clarification, with the minimum time spent by the client but always aiming at involvement in the entire construction of the program and direction of the event. Our pre-sale and post-sale service is optimized in order to have total control of the event by the customer. During the event, our technicians will respond immediately to any request and will follow in detail all aspects of its execution.

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