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Óbidos – The Mystery Of The Portuguese Queens

Event Details

We present a suggestion of a cultural entertainment program for a full day spent in the region of Óbidos. Our suggestions are fully customizable to always meet the needs and expectations of our customers:

  • Transport from Organization Headquarters – Óbidos village – Organization Headquarters;
  • Welcome Coffee;
  • Team building: Team Cook:

We propose the organization of a Culinary Team building, where we intend to teach techniques, recipes and work organization, without ever forgetting the playful side. Ideal to encourage complicity and teamwork, taking place in a pleasant environment with excellent disposition. The group is divided into teams of 5 elements each, and the challenge begins … the Chef transmits the briefing of the action, presenting the menu, timings and other evaluation criteria (creativity, decoration of dishes, teamwork, storage …). Each team will be responsible for preparing part of the menu, and the result of everyone’s combined effort will be a delicious meal. Moving on to action, the teams are comfortably disposed around the benches, where they will learn new concepts and ways of cooking, with the help of professionals, then having the opportunity to try the menu made during the meal. The constant accompaniment and support by the Chef and his team guarantees a good result in gastronomic terms, therefore an appetizing meal.


This action can also be a social responsibility action.

We have a partnership with refood that can collect the food left over from the event.

Expected duration: 2h to 2,5h with 1,5h of lunch or dinner (included in the action).

  • Peddy-Paper “The Mystery of the Queens”:

The story line of the peddy paper is related to the female characters who marked and lived in the village of Óbidos and who contributed to giving it the nickname as the “village of the Queens”. Team activity with the use of new technologies, which combines the game of peddy-paper with the discovery and visit to the most emblematic monuments of the village of Óbidos, with a strong interactive component with the local population and tasting of typical products from Óbidos, with the inclusion of tastes of regional products such as conventual sweets, liqueurs, cheeses, etc.

Estimated duration: 2 hours

  • Lunch or dinner at a typical restaurant.

Optional activities:

  • Meeting room, equipped with audiovisual media, for presentations or internal company work;
  • Visit to the local winery, with commented wine tasting and a snack with regional products;
  • Musical entertainment;
  • Peddy-paper “Who broke Zé Povinho?” (city of Caldas da Rainha, 15 minutes distance from Óbidos):

This game is based on the work of Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro, an illustrious 19th century Portuguese artist and caricaturist. The teams are led to find the well-known Portuguese cultural icons, such as Zé Povinho, Saloia, Padre Cura, frogs, cats, sardões, snails, cabbage leaves, among other characteristic elements of the Bordalian aesthetic that were spread throughout the city streets, on building facades and even hanging from a tree. Team activity with the use of new technologies, combining the game of peddy-paper along the Bordaliana Route of Caldas da Rainha, with a strong interactive component with the local population and tasting of typical products from the region, with the inclusion of tastings regional products such as conventual sweets, liqueurs, cheeses, wines, etc., ending with a visit to the Bordallo Pinheiro factory.

Estimated duration: 2 hours

  • Surf Workshop in Peniche (25 minutes distance) or Sailing Workshop in the Óbidos lagoon;
  • Others.

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We have several years of experience in organizing business events. We have worked on organizing national and international events for some of the most reputable and prestigious national and multinational companies in the various economic areas. We have also organized cultural entertainment events for family events or groups of friends, such as wedding celebrations, baptisms, birthdays, etc. We are attentive to all the small details, always with the maximum responsibility and mission to make your event exceed your best expectations. We are proactive, adaptable and know how to better manage all unforeseen situations or situations that arise during the activity.


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