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Portugal Cultural Experience - Blog - Clean & Save Certification

Clean & Safe Certification

Portugal Cultural Experience obtained the Clean & Safe certification from the public agency that regulates tourism in Portugal. This certification distinguishes us in our tourist

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Our New Website!

​On April 24, 2020, we did 5 years of activity. Over the years, we have had the privilege of introducing the history, heritage and culture

Évora Mediterranean Diet Experience

​We propose you the opportunity to experience a genuine and authentic cultural product. Feel already invited to a meal in a Alentejan family house, where

Évora Food Of The Gods Experience

​One of the great treasures of Évora is the richness, uniqueness and authenticity of its gastronomy and its wines. The Cartuxa wines are the most

Sweet And Tasting Évora Tour

​Venture out on a unique and delicious trip to the typical flavors of Évora, while visiting the main sights of this beautiful city heritage of

Alentejo Wine & Gourmet Experience Tour

​The Alentejo has vast and unknown treasures. Alentejo wine and gastronomy are among the most authentic symbols that win more and more admirers worldwide. The

Évora Route Of Bacchus Tour

​Venture out on a fantastic journey to a traditional and genuine Alentejo farm, 20 minutes from Évora and surrender to some of the greatest treasures

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